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Funny Digits (for iPad)


Our Funny Digits are very giggly. Let your child touch or drag a finger over the numbers and you will hear laughter. Is it the number laughing? Or is it your child? As the child plays, he/she discovers the numbers can transform themselves into... vegetables! Now it's time to count. Put the vegetables into a bag before the bag runs away! This game helps children learn numbers in a fun way.


Why fun

- Every number has its character
- Touch numbers or feed them with vegetables and see how they laugh and transform!
- The bag is also alive; it feels you touching it and runs away

Why learn

- Tracing numbers 0 to 9 lets your child use their fine motor skills to learn writing numbers
- Counting allows your child to hear while collecting vegetables; it helps him/her learn number line (0-9)
- Add or subtract vegetables by throwing them into the bag or by pulling them out.
- For advanced ones: addition and subtraction within 20, number bonds to 20.
Why safe

- No any advertising;
- No any in app purchases in the paid version;
- Our app does not collect any personal information;
- We use parental gates to prevent children from following links out of an app;
For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

How to play Funny Digits: tips & screenshots


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