It happened! Our Game Pilot is now available on App Store!

Game Pilot is an environment for game development for iOS. With Game Pilot, you can create your own games directly on the iPad or iPhone. It does not require knowledge of complex programming languages. You can edit the text of scene and character descriptions directly on your device, immediately run and test the game. Game Pilot is based on Cocos2d.

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Reaction Pilot lets you test & improve your reflex skills

The app lets you test & improve your reflex skills. The aim of the game is simple: right after a signal, tap the “Touch” button as many times as possible. You have only 10 seconds. The app is free.

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Two Stars is now available on App Store!

Download Two Stars on App Store!

Earworm for toddlers is now available on App Store!

And it is free!

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We are going to add this crab-conductor so it helps start singing in our game “Earworm”.

Two Stars

Another app we are working on is Two Stars. You need to merge two stars so that their numbers make ten. Making more than ten will cause an explosion!

Earworm is coming soon!

This iPad game is an ear training app for kids. It plays a melody and you sing it back by ear. The app looks if you did it correctly.

Our new game Hungry Buddy is now available on App Store!

Help Buddy to pick up his bones! Each step to the bone is a special assignment – he will move forward if you manage to tell – how many items are on the screen. You should count them at a glance! The app is free, no any In-App Purchses, no any adds!

Download Hungry Buddy from App Store!

Dress Funny Digits and learn numbers 0-9

We have made a new free coloring book for preschoolers that helps children learn number shapes. Funny Digits are going to a party! Let your child dress them! Color the numbers and the dresses. Then cut them out and paste!

Download Dress Funny Digits book (.PDF)

Free number coloring book

Our free number coloring book for preschoolers will help your chlild learn number shapes. That will serve them as a good base for writing numbers when they start school.

Download Funny Digits coloring book (.PDF)